Digital Euro — Many unresolved questions according to Christine Lagarde

The technological backbone of the digital euro remains to be clarified according to Christine Lagarde.

A public consultation on the digital euro received more than 8,000 responses.

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), spoke again about the launch of a potential digital euro.

Lots of unresolved questions

According to the President of the ECB , the technological foundations of such a currency remain to be clarified.

Christine Lagarde said in an interview:

“There are many questions that have not been resolved and which, when they are, will determine the technological form (…) It will take several years, it is a complicated question, which must be resolved without disrupting the financial scene. current nor endanger the transmission of monetary policy that we currently have. “

She also pointed out that the technological backbone to support the digital euro has not yet been chosen.

Public consultation

The ECB concluded its public consultation on a digital euro on January 12 and will take into account the 8,221 responses obtained.

Full analyzes of the results will be published in the spring, before the ECB’s Governing Council decides to launch a digital euro .

An initial analysis of the raw data shows that payment confidentiality ranks first among the characteristics required for a digital euro potential (41% of responses), followed by security (17%) and pan-European reach (10%).

Fabio Panetta, Chairman of the Central Bank’s Digital Euro Task Force, said:

The opinion of citizens, business leaders and all stakeholders is of the utmost importance to us as we assess the most suitable use cases for a digital euro.

Stablecoins see increase in on-chain volume

Stablecoins see increase in on-chain volume and transactions this year

El mercado de los cripto-derivados tuvo un gran éxito en 2020. Mientras que los futuros de Bitcoin han estado en el candelero mucho tiempo debido al crecimiento de la CME, Bitcoin Revolution se robó el show con su trayectoria consistente a lo largo del 2020. Sin embargo, su aumento va más allá del interés regular de los comerciantes, con otros factores que también juegan un papel vital en el proceso.

Según el último boletín institucional de Deribit, el volumen total de negocios teórico en 2020 fue de 211.000 millones de dólares, acumulando todos los contratos y monedas. La facturación de Bitcoin Options fue cercana a los 180-190 mil millones de dólares. Registró un aumento del 82% desde 2019, un hallazgo que demostró el aumento interanual del sector.

El último trimestre del año fue particularmente especial, ya que la corrida de toros ayudó a una actividad comercial extremadamente alta. Ahora, sobre el papel, puede parecer impecable, pero 2020 fue mucho más que eso.

El mercado de opciones de Bitcoin no habría registrado un interés y un volumen tan altos si ciertas cosas no hubieran salido bien en el mercado.

Precio, recuperación y ventaja de datos de Bitcoin

Cuando se observa el gráfico adjunto, podemos ver que el segundo trimestre de 2020 no fue tan impresionante como el resto de los trimestres. Estuvo a la par con el trimestre más bajo de 2019 y todo se debió a la caída del mercado en marzo. Ahora, aunque el segundo trimestre de 2020 fue tibio desde la perspectiva del mercado de derivados, el precio ganó impulso alcista en este período de 3 meses, impulso que puso en marcha las ruedas para el resto del año.

Bitcoin se recuperó rápidamente y después de su tercera mitad, BTC subió a un valor de 5 cifras de 10.000 dólares una vez más. El tercer trimestre de 2020 se aceleró y el cuarto trimestre fue el mejor trimestre de la historia del mercado de Bitcoin Options.

Aunque el precio de Bitcoin sí importaba en la industria de los derivados, otra ventaja de las opciones sobre los futuros es la disponibilidad de datos adicionales. Las opciones dan la posibilidad de aprovechar el sentimiento colectivo con la ayuda de la volatilidad implícita.

Gráfico de sonrisas de volatilidad

La volatilidad implícita para las opciones en los mercados de Bitcoin tiene un patrón en forma de U o un sesgo de „sonrisa de volatilidad“. Indica que la volatilidad de las Opciones mejora cuando la Opción se vuelve altamente en el dinero o fuera del dinero. Tal conjunto de datos permite a los comerciantes estimar el sentimiento colectivo del mercado, ya sea alcista o bajista.

Ethereum Options mantuvo el fuerte cuando Bitcoin estaba abajo

Aunque se basa puramente en la especulación, es innegable que ETH Options mantuvo a los comerciantes en el mercado cuando Bitcoin no pudo generar un movimiento masivo de precios, y por extensión, la actividad de Options. Durante el rally de Ethereum en agosto, de hecho, los volúmenes de contratos de ETH Options superaron a los de Bitcoin, ya que el mayor altcoin del mundo atrajo mejores resultados.

Sin embargo, todo funcionó al final, ya que estos comerciantes permanecieron en el espacio cuando Bitcoin registró su siguiente paso en el mercado.

Bitcoin Weekly Outlook: Will BTC manage to resume its extreme rally?


Bitcoin weekly outlook- Does BTC manage to resume rally?

Bitcoin exploded above $34,000 for the first time on Sunday, continuing a record-breaking rally that has seen it gain more than 300 percent in 2020.

Ki Young Ju, CEO of blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant, was quick to point out that institutional investors have bought about $1 billion worth of bitcoin via over-the-counter trades. His claim was based on the so-called „Coinbase Pro Outflow“ indicator, which shows the Crypto Profit total number of Bitcoin transferred to the exchange’s cold wallets for safekeeping.

According to Ju, the wallets support Coinbase’s OTC services, which allow institutional investors to buy large quantities of bitcoin (Go to the Bitcoin Buying Guide) without affecting the spot market.

Another insane Coinbase outflow. 35k BTC. Institutions FOMO buying
– Ki Young Ju 주기영 (@ki_young_ju) January 2, 2021

Meanwhile, more bullish evidence came from traditional markets. A recent survey by the American Association of Individual Investors shows that about 55 percent of investors remain bullish on riskier assets in 2021.

This is because of the lack of high-yield alternatives in cash and cash-based markets.

Bulls expect ultra-low interest rates to continue to support government bonds. Their yields have fallen to near all-time lows.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s accommodative fiscal policy, combined with the US government’s relentless spending to help Americans through the recession caused by the corona virus, has put pressure on the US dollar.

All in all, there is no alternative for investors but to put their capital into riskier markets such as equities, gold and – of course – Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s move towards $35,000

Bitcoin’s gravity-defying move towards $35,000 also came before the minutes of the December 2020 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said after the two-day meeting last month that they would continue to buy bonds until the US labour market recovers from its dangerously high levels. This week, the minutes of that meeting will shed more light on the central bank’s strategy.

As usual, more moderate tones would keep the US dollar on its downward path, especially when it has already fallen more than 12 per cent against a basket of foreign currencies since its mid-March peak. Consequently, institutional investors have increased their bids for bitcoin after years of listening to the anti-inflation, anti-fiat narrative.

„Many in policy/market circles see the Bitcoin rally as simply a speculative bubble,“ explains Mohammad A. El-Erian, Allianz’s chief economist.

Bitcoin’s technical outlook

Optimistic fundamentals aside, Bitcoin’s technical bias is becoming increasingly bearish due to the overheated rally.

Bittrex exchange suspends trading and deposits of XRP

Coinbase, Bitstamp, and also have plans to suspend XRP trading.

Bitcoin Bank announced the suspension of trading and deposits of XRP, a week after the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Ripple Labs of selling unregistered securities.

Bittrex suspend le XRP

Bittrex is the eleventh exchange or fund to be delisted or suspended from trading in XRP: Coinbase, OKCoin, Beaxy, Galaxy Digital, B2C2, Bitstamp, Jump Trading, Bitwise, CrossTower, and OSL have made similar announcements.

We can read in the press release :

“Bittrex will suspend XRP trading on Friday, January 15, 2021 at 4:00 PM (PST). Until further notice, clients will continue to have access to their XRP wallet. „

XRP is still open for trading on Binance and Kraken. However, these platforms could follow suit soon.

Bittrex was founded in 2014 by three cybersecurity engineers namely Bill Shihara, Richie Lai and Rami Kawach. The exchange is known to reference a large number of cryptocurrency.

Coinbase and Bitstamp

Coinbase also plans to completely halt XRP trading on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 for all of its users.

The popular app has also announced the withdrawal of XRP. According to an official statement, clients based in the United States will no longer be able to purchase XRP starting January 19. However, the recent decision will have no impact on withdrawals.

Currently, the exchanges that have suspended XRP are almost all based in the United States. It is likely that Asian platforms will start to follow suit soon.

The price of XRP fell from 0.63 dollars to 0.20 dollars, a fall of more than 65% in 10 days. XRP is trading at $ 0.21 as of this writing.

Tether’s regulatory proposal is ‚apocalyptic‘ for crypto

The Stable Act could mean the end of Tether.

The US government wants tighter controls on stablecoins.

Tether could be replaced by a regulated crypto-dollar.

Unregulated stablecoins such as Tether face increasing regulatory pressure from the US government.

A new US bill called the Stable Act is causing anxiety in the crypto community. The introduction of this law could effectively put an end to billions of dollars in transactions and set the industry back several years.

The law, as reported by BeInCrypto , calls for banking licenses for stablecoin issuers such as Tether.

It doesn’t end there. The bill proposes additional requirements for Federal Reserve reporting. It also offers issuance approval in addition to constant checks, and an insurance policy to cover assets.

Another proposal may require stablecoin issuers to store their reserves directly with the U.S. Federal Reserve. This puts them under the control of the central bank and significantly limits their open use.

An apocalyptic law for Tether and crypto

A report from Dragonfly Research offers an in-depth analysis of the current use of stablecoin . He concludes that if the bill passes, it could spell the end of Tether:

Make no mistake: the day Tether is slain it will prove to be apocalyptic .

Tether is by far the largest and most widely used stablecoin. Its supply has grown 410% this year alone, from $ 4.1 billion in market cap in early January to $ 20.9 billion today, according to the Tether Transparency Report .

Tether, or the “cryptodollar” as the report researcher calls it, has revolutionized the industry over the past two years. He opened up huge trading gateways with massive liquidity that was not possible using fiat.

The USDT has been a liferaft for many citizens in countries with hyperinflation or tight currency controls. It also helped fuel the rise of DeFi alongside Ethereum.

However, several US agencies and prosecutors are investigating Tether. The company has so far produced very few defenses or audits.

Tether cannot support its monumental growth, which is not sustainable, the research added. The authors say the day of his demise will bring down the entire industry.

Crypto markets will collapse, exchanges will be in disarray, millions of crypto traders will likely have their assets frozen, and prices will drop everywhere.

The future of stablecoins

Currently, the “Stable Act” is only a proposal. It is the subject of much criticism from industry leaders and entrepreneurs, for example. They say the proposal sends the United States back to a dark age in terms of innovation and digitization.

However, a recent statement from the Presidential Task Force bodes ill for this crypto segment. The statement suggests that all stablecoin holders should be subject to KYC (know your customer) requirements, which indicates that stablecoins are still in their sights.

Tether may not be the future of the digital dollar. First, a regulated stablecoin that becomes the de facto standard is a likely replacement. Then there will inevitably be more audits and identity checks by governments, banks and tax authorities. If so, the freedoms we have today with the digital money movement could be a thing of the past.

Is bitcoin getting the all-time high today?

On Friday 13 June 2014, when the Netherlands defeated Spain, Jack van Gelder shouted twice: ‚Is it such a day?!

If Jack would look at bitcoin today, he would probably say the same thing. It’s really just a short time before bitcoin reaches its highest value ever. But what is this value anyway? And is it achievable today?

Misunderstandings about the all-time high

When we talk about bitcoin’s supreme course, what are we actually talking about? Firstly, most of the media are looking at the bitcoin rate in dollars. With the current exchange rate, bitcoin may be more likely to achieve an all-time high in euros, but that is generally not looked at as much.

In addition, it is often assumed that bitcoin has reached a peak of USD 20 000. That is close to the truth, but it is not entirely correct.

In mid-December 2017, bitcoin reached the highest point of all time. Analysts often maintain the price of cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. Bitstamp is one of the oldest trading exchanges with a high trading volume. On this exchange bitcoin reached a peak of 19.666 dollar on 17 December, this price we keep in our analyses.

Parabolic run to peak

October was the starting shot for an impressive run of bitcoin. The course moved parabolic upwards, with ever greater movement. The four hour chart below shows how close bitcoin is to its absolute peak. With the current price of $19,150, bitcoin only needs to rise by 2.6%.

Support on average

The whole upward movement is also supported by another line. The same four-hour chart shows the moving average of the past 50 candles of four hours each, the 50-moving average. This line provides strong support in a bullish trend like this, after every dip on this line the price bounces back up.

Bitcoin gets a second chance today

You are now looking at the bitcoin hour chart, from 16 November until now. Since 16 November, the bitcoin rate has been in a rising channel, between the two rising black trend lines. Yesterday the price broke through the blue trend line with conviction.

For a moment it seemed that bitcoin would already reach an all-time high yesterday, but that turned out to be too early. The price tests the blue trend line and now continues its way up. If bitcoin keeps up this time, an all-time high is very well possible today.

What can we expect from bitcoin?

It is possible today! We describe two different scenarios: bullish (positive) and bearish (negative).

If bitcoin continues like this, the all-time high of USD 19,666 (EUR 16,504) comes in sight. This can be a fierce resistance, as this price is a major psychological barrier for many traders.

But is the price falling? Then bitcoin can find support at the bottom of the channel around $18,700 (€15,694). If this is not sustainable, the red line at $18,000 (€15,106) is a realistic scenario.

O CEO da Coinbase diz aos usuários para ficarem atentos durante o rali do Bitcoin

O Bitcoin tem sido notícia recentemente, já que os preços ultrapassaram a marca de US $ 23.000, um importante nível psicológico. O CEO da Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, compartilhou uma mensagem hoje sobre „ralis do mercado de criptografia“.

Embora o CEO elogiasse a alta atual e como as organizações de notícias cobriram o aumento do preço do Bitcoin, ele acreditava que a criptografia era “uma inovação para mudar o jogo”.

Armstrong pediu aos clientes que entendessem que investir em criptografia “não era isento de riscos”

Ele acrescentou que a criptografia pode ser mais volátil do que os instrumentos financeiros tradicionais e informou aos usuários que os mercados de criptografia podem se mover muito mais rápido do que os mercados de ações.

Ele alertou os investidores, que se concentraram na especulação de curto prazo, para entender melhor os riscos associados ao investimento em criptomoedas. Ele incentivou os clientes a buscar recursos e até mesmo consultar consultores financeiros e disse:

Para aqueles que acreditam no potencial da criptografia, todos nós também temos que acreditar que ainda estamos nos estágios iniciais e que há muito mais por vir

Ontem mesmo, quando o Bitcoin violou US $ 20.000, vários clientes da Coinbase acessaram o Twitter para relatar problemas técnicos durante o uso da plataforma. Em pouco tempo, a equipe da Coinbase publicou uma atualização informando que estava “atualmente investigando o problema”.

Embora Armstrong não tenha abordado diretamente os problemas de ontem, ele observou que, embora a equipe „ocasionalmente faltasse“, eles abordaram as deficiências da empresa de forma „transparente“. Armstrong também escreveu que a equipe da Coinbase trabalhou arduamente para ajudar os clientes a tomar decisões comerciais informadas, especialmente durante tempos “extremos”, como a atual alta do mercado.

Enquanto isso, o preço do Bitcoin subiu 13,4% nas últimas 24 horas e valia $ 23.479,34, com um volume de negociação de 24 horas de $ 56.889.259.280, no momento da escrita.

Swiss cryptocurrency bank Sygnum tokenised its shares and will launch an IPO

Swiss regulated cryptocurrency bank Sygnum has tokenised its shares and plans to be the first financial institution to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) based on DLT technology.

Sygnum will use its Desygnate platform to issue security tokens, which is compatible with the Swiss blockchain law that will come into force in February 2021.

The platform will enable issuers to carry out all necessary regulatory procedures related to the subsequent listing of the shares.

Sygnum’s share register will be continuously and automatically updated with each transaction, allowing the bank to manage transactions on the primary and secondary markets in a completely digital way. This eliminates lengthy settlement processes, thereby minimising counterparty risk. The platform will also help bypass the requirement for a written form of share transfer between buyers and sellers.

Sygnum plans to leverage the smart contracting capabilities of tokenised shares in the future to realise the full potential of the investor-issuer relationship.

„Equity tokenisation provides investors with a fully regulated, highly efficient and potentially more inclusive alternative to traditional methods of raising capital,“ says the press release.

The equity issuance could precede a dual listing in Switzerland and Singapore in partnership with SIX Digital Exchange.

As a reminder, SIX Digital Exchange and SBI Digital Asset Holdings have announced the launch of a blockchain platform in Singapore for institutional clients from Europe and Asia. The platform will offer issuance, listing, trading and central depository infrastructure for cryptocurrencies and regulated security tokens.

Sygnum has previously received approval from financial regulator FINMA for initial issuance, storage, as well as secondary trading of digital securities.

Aqui está como o Bitcoin poderia provocar um movimento maciço mais alto para Altcoins menores

Bitcoin tem visto alguma ação de preços selvagem nos últimos dias e semanas, com a pressão de venda observada em seus máximos de todos os tempos provocando múltiplas rejeições

Nenhuma das rejeições vistas neste nível fez muito para mudar a tendência do criptograma, uma vez que ele continua aumentando a cada vez
Onde as próximas tendências do mercado dependerão em grande parte de a BTC conseguir ou não estabilizar dentro da região de menos de 19.000 dólares

Cada visita a seus máximos degrada a resistência existente aqui, o que significa que pode ser apenas uma questão de tempo até que seja quebrada acima
Um comerciante está observando que, se a história rimar, a quebra do Bitcoin Era acima de seus máximos de todos os tempos pode ser tudo o que é necessário para que os crypto-assets menores vejam um enorme lado positivo

Bitcoin tem guiado todo o mercado durante os últimos dias e semanas, o que tem sujeitado altcoins a uma imensa volatilidade.

Ontem de manhã, o BTC chegou a atingir US$ 19.800, o que marcou um recorde histórico em algumas bolsas.

Apesar de ser um momento histórico, os ursos ainda tentaram desbotar a jogada e provocaram uma forte rejeição a este nível. Isto levou o BTC a um mínimo de $18.200 antes de encontrar um forte impulso e se recuperar significativamente mais alto.

Agora ele está de volta à região dos 19.000 dólares mais baixos e parece forte, o que significa que isto pode ter sido mais uma vez uma armadilha para os ursos.

Um comerciante espera que uma pausa acima dos máximos de Bitcoin de todos os tempos provoque um sério movimento ascendente para os altcoins.
Bitcoin Rallies from Lows, Cria Vento de Cauda para Altcoins

No momento em que escrevo, a Bitcoin está sendo negociada a um pouco menos de 2%.

Isto marca um declínio de seus recentes máximos de 19.800 dólares que foram fixados ontem e marca um notável aumento dos mínimos de 18.200 dólares fixados há apenas algumas horas.

A forte reação a esta venda parece indicar que o lado positivo é iminente para a moeda criptográfica.
Trader: BTC Quebra de seus Altos Altos Altos Altos Catapultos

Esta recente turbulência do BTC teve um impacto maciço sobre a ação dos preços vistos pela altcoins.

Um comerciante está agora observando que uma pausa acima do recorde histórico da Bitcoin é um evento historicamente alto para altcoins, apesar de uma narrativa comum que sugere que a BTC entrando na descoberta de preços poderia dificultar o crescimento visto por suas contrapartes menores.

„Nos últimos 2 ciclos, os alts se mobilizaram com extrema força cada vez que a BTC quebrou sua velha alta, será que será o mesmo novamente?“

Assumindo que a história rima, como tantas vezes acontece, isto significa que os próximos dias poderão ser massivos para o futuro dos altcoins, pois Bitcoin está mais uma vez a um passo de novos máximos de todos os tempos.

Raoul Pal predice que la prohibición estadounidense de Bitcoin sería inútil

El popular defensor de Bitcoin y estratega de inversiones Raoul Pal ha dicho con confianza que una prohibición gubernamental de Bitcoin sería un esfuerzo inútil.

El proponente de Bitcoin dijo esto en respuesta a los crecientes informes de los medios en los que Ray Dalio, un multimillonario estadounidense, dijo que el gobierno prohibiría Bitcoin Trader debido a varias razones, especialmente un aumento en el precio de las criptomonedas.

El gobierno de los Estados Unidos prohibiría Bitcoin – Ray Dalio

La leyenda de los fondos de cobertura, Ray Dalio, a principios de esta semana en una entrevista con Yahoo Finance sugirió que un aumento en el precio de Bitcoin obligaría al gobierno a tomar medidas.

El multimillonario tiene una visión opuesta como una inversión que afirma que las autoridades tomarían medidas drásticas contra el activo digital cuando vean un crecimiento material.

Dalio hizo esta declaración en medio de la continua adopción de Bitcoin entre los pesos pesados ​​de Wall Street que lo ven como un activo de refugio seguro.

Otro problema que tiene Bitcoin, que Dalio declaró, fue el hecho de que el rey de las criptomonedas junto con otras criptomonedas son muy volátiles y no se pueden utilizar como depósito de riqueza.

También destacó que el activo digital no se puede gastar en bienes de uso diario y dijo que „hoy no puedo tomar mi Bitcoin y comprar cosas fácilmente con él“. Él cree que las CBDC reemplazarían a las criptomonedas.

El proponente de Bitcoin dice que cree que un intento de prohibir Bitcoin sería inútil

Raoul Pal se remonta a 1933, cuando el ex presidente estadounidense Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) prohibió el acaparamiento de monedas de oro, lingotes de oro y certificados de oro. Los estadounidenses encontraron otros medios de obtener oro contra la voluntad del presidente. Raoul Pal predice un evento similar si se aplica una prohibición a Bitcoin.

El estratega de inversiones dijo que al gobierno le resultaría difícil prohibirlo y dijo que, eventualmente, es posible que tengan que esconder los activos digitales como parte de las reservas gubernamentales porque las monedas fiduciarias a nivel mundial continúan enfrentándose a la devaluación.